Migrating from Soulver 2

Great to still have you with us.

The goal with Soulver 3 was to to refine and improve on Soulver 2, and adding the most frequently requested features. But there are also some notable differences in behaviour

Changes to the Math Engine

  • Bitwise, and hex and binary operations & output are not supported at this time.

  • All 'single word' word operators have been removed ('and', 'of', 'by', etc).

  • Commenting characters ; and " " have been removed. Only // is supported in Soulver 3.

  • Use # for a heading, instead of @.

  • Factorial (!) is no longer supported.

  • The e syntax for large numbers (3e4 = 30,000) has been removed. Instead, use SI suffixes, like 30k.

  • Scientific notation been removed in favour of just SI notation.

  • The first unit rather than the last unit in an expression is used to format the answer. I.e 1km + 100m = 1.1km (Soulver 2 used the last unit)

  • A single number in a bracket is now ignored, like (iPhone 8).

  • Variables must now be declared before they can be used.

  • Line references can only refer to lines before the current one.

  • Offset line references are no longer supported.

  • Soulver 2 supported up to 50 dp of precision. Soulver 3 supports up to 15 dp.

  • Some percentage phrases have changed syntax (i.e '180 is 10% off what', rather than '10% off what is 180')

Other significant changes

  • The formatting palette, answer palette and line numbers are gone in Soulver 3.

  • The numbers window is gone in Soulver 3 (instead we have the "Tweak Calculator" sheet for editing global variables, and custom units).

  • Standard deviation and variance are no longer supported for the statistic under the answer column.

  • Stocks are not supported at this time.

  • Exporting to HTML/Mail is not supported in Soulver 3 at this time.

  • MathKey, 'Jump Answers' and 'Big Answer' have been removed in Soulver 3.

  • Languages other than English are not yet supported in Soulver 3. Of course we will support other languages again in the future.

  • Soulver 3 is only available for macOS 10.14.4 and later.