Migrating from Soulver 2

Great to still have you with us.

The goal with Soulver 3 was to to refine and improve on Soulver 2, and adding the most frequently requested features. But there are also some notable differences in behaviour, and some features have been removed.

Changes to Files

  • Soulver 3 manages sheets & folders for you (like Notes), rather than saving .soulver files in Finder.

  • Soulver 3 can import Soulver 2's XML based .soulver files. They will be migrated to the latest syntax and there may be some differences in results.

  • Soulver 3 exports JSON based .slvr files.

  • At this time Soulver 3 cannot edit .slvr files in place in Finder. To edit a .slvr file, import it into Soulver 3, make a change, and then export, overriding the original in Finder.

Changes to the Math Engine

  • Trigonometry functions are not supported at this time.

  • Bitwise operations are not supported at this time.

  • Hex and binary input and output are not supported at this time.

  • All 'single word' word operators have been removed ('and', 'of', 'by', etc).

  • Commenting characters ; and " " have been removed. Only // is supported in Soulver 3.

  • Use # for a heading, instead of @.

  • Factorial (!) is no longer supported.

  • The e syntax for large numbers (3e4 = 30,000) has been removed. Use SI suffixes, like 30k.

  • Scientific notation been removed in favour of just SI notation.

  • The first unit rather than the last unit in an expression is used to format the answer. I.e 1km + 100m = 1.1km (Soulver 2 used the last unit)

  • A single number in a bracket is now ignored, like (iPhone 8).

  • Variables must now be declared before they can be used.

  • Line references can only refer to lines before the current one.

  • Offset line references are no longer supported.

  • Soulver 2 supported up to 50 dp of precision. Soulver 3 supports up to 15 dp.

  • Some percentage phrases have changed syntax (i.e '180 is 10% off what', rather than '10% off what is 180')

  • Electricity units are not supported (volts, amps, ohms).


Other significant changes

  • The formatting palette, answer palette and line numbers are gone in Soulver 3.

  • The numbers window is gone in Soulver 3 (instead we have the "Tweak Calculator" sheet for editing global variables, and custom units).

  • Standard deviation and variance are no longer supported for the statistic under the answer column.

  • Stocks are not supported at this time.

  • Exporting to HTML/Mail is not supported in Soulver 3 at this time.

  • MathKey, 'Jump Answers' and 'Big Answer' have been removed in Soulver 3.

  • Languages other than English are not yet supported in Soulver 3. Of course we will support other languages again in the future.

  • Soulver 3 does not use iCloud Drive at this time and is only available for macOS 10.14.4 and later.