Totals & Subtotals

By default, Soulver displays a total of all your lines in the bottom right hand corner.
Quick totals appear in the bottom right
You can also show the average of your lines by right-clicking on the total and choosing Switch to Average
If the total is not helpful in your particular workflow, you can hide it by hovering over it and clicking Hide. To show the total again, go to the View menu and choose Show Total.


Press ⌘T or hover over an answer and click the make subtotal button (the middle button) to make a line a subtotal. A subtotal line will add up all lines above, up to the next subtotal or heading (#).
Subtotals in Soulver 3 for Mac
In Soulver for iPad, to make a subtotal line, hold down on an empty line and choose Make Subtotal Line:
Subtotals in Soulver 3 for iPad
Tip: you can create a variable on a subtotal line using "variable = " and leaving the value blank.
Declare a variable without a value on a sub-total line
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