Exporting & Printing

Supported Export Formats

File Type
File Extension
Plain text
To export, go File > Export > (Choose your desired format)
Or from the Export Sheet (File > Export)

Customizing HTML & PDF output

HTML & PDF files and printed documents will use the visual options from your preferences (syntax coloring, font size, etc).
However you may wish to customize the printed or exported document further. This can be done from the Export Sheet (File > Export).
This sheet lets you specify font, font size, syntax coloring, and whether line numbers & the total are visible before exporting. There is an option to hide comments (text following '//') and heading indicators (#) from the printed/exported output.

Sending HTML rich emails

Another option for sharing is sending a rich HTML email with the appearance of a Soulver sheet.
To send an HTML email go File > Export… and selecting Styled Email from the Format option popup button.
  • Send Styled Email uses a helper application called "Mail Assistant" to send the email
  • Mail Assistant relies on Apple's Catalyst technology, which requires macOS 10.15 or later
  • Mail Assistant also requires you have set up at least one valid Mail account in Apple's Mail application
  • This feature is not available in the Mac App Store version due to the higher level of technical limitations placed on apps sold through it.
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Supported Export Formats
Customizing HTML & PDF output
Sending HTML rich emails