Headings & Comments

Hey! You've got to hide your math away (sometimes)...
If you need to "hide" parts of your expression from Soulver, use a heading (marked with #) or a comment.
Four comment styles are supported: labels, slash comments, quotation marks, and parenthesis (in certain cases).

# headings

Use the # character to indicate a heading line:
# This is a heading
You can customise the size of headings, as well as their color (and the color of the # symbol itself) from Soulver's styling preferences.
There is also an option to strip heading symbols when exporting into PDF or printing.


Use a label at the beginning of a line, using a colon:
Cost of 128 GB iPhone 14: $999 | $999.00
Labels are always made bold.

// double slash comments

All numbers after two slashes are ignored:
// 1 + 2 |
1 + 2 | 3
You can also add slash comments to the end of lines:
I spent $128 + $45 on clothes // on 10-02-2019 | $173.00

"quotation mark comments"

Boing "747" is $386.8M | $386.8M

(parenthesis comments)

If there's a single number with additional words that you want to exclude from an expression, you can put it in parentheses:
$999 (for iPhone 14) | $999.00
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