Tips & Tricks (Mac)

Variable autocomplete

Press escape to show a menu of long variable names, then press return to auto-complete it

Hover for variable value

Scrubbable numbers

Control-click on a number and choose Scrub to show the scrubber. Drag left or right on the slider to scrub the number's value up or down.

Scrubbing is only available in the Mac version

What day of the week was it on a particular day?

Control-click on a date in the answer column to see what date of the week it was or will be on

Copying lines & answers as an image

A super quick way of sharing calculations is as an image.

Select some lines and go Edit > Copy > Copy Lines & Answers as image. This will place an image onto the clipboard that you can then paste into Messages, Mail, etc.

System-wide Soulver services

You can actually use Soulver to evaluate text anywhere in macOS via services. Simply highlight some text anywhere, right click and choose Services > Calculate with Soulver. There are three services: one calculates and copies the result to the clipboard, one replaces the input with the result, and one appends the result.

Using the macOS keyboard shortcut system settings, you can assign a keystroke to these services.

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