Because words make more sense than un-named numbers.

Declaring a variable

Soulver lets you create variables like in a programming language. You "declare" a variable with the equals symbol '='.

discount = 10% | 10%
cost = $550 | $550
cost - discount | $495.00

Variable can be a single word or an entire phrase.

You can't use a variable before it has been declared. This behaviour matches most programming languages.

Changing variables' values

A variable can be redefined by simply giving it a new value. The most recently defined value will be used on subsequent lines.

monthly rent = $1,900 // 2018 | $1,900
monthly rent = $2,150 // 2019 | $2,150
monthly rent / 4 people | $537.50

You can 'peek' at a variable's current value by holding down the shift key, and hovering over the variable.


Instead of typing out a long variable name, you can hit the escape key and return to auto-complete the variable.

Press escape to autocomplete long variable names

Global variables

You can make variables that work across all your sheets. Do this in the Tweak Calculator sheet (click the little settings icon in the top right of the window).