Tips & Tricks (iPad & iPhone)

Swipe to switch keyboard (iPhone)

Swipe left/right in the empty text area below the bottom line to quickly switch keyboards.

Extra keys available via popups (iPhone)

Many keys on the Soulver number pad have popups with additional options.

Press down on the 0 key, for example, for access to k (thousand), M (million) and G (billion) scalars.

Quick clear line/clear sheet

Hold down on the delete key and pan left to clear the current line, or the current sheet.

Resize the answer column

Hold down for a second on the answer column (below your last line, but above the floating total) and then drag left/right to expand/contract the answer column.

Try this in a new blank sheet โ€“ this gesture is recognized when you press down on an empty part of the answer column (not when you press down on an answer cell).

PDF export via screenshot

Take a screenshot and choose "Full Page" to quickly produce a PDF of your open sheet.

Quickly make a subtotal

Hold down on the cell under the bottom line to quickly make a subtotal.

Quickly insert variable

Tap the answer of a variable declaration line to quickly insert the variable's name.

Variable value peeking

Select a variable in the text area to see its value on that line in a popup.

New sheet with heading

Hold down on the + button to make a new sheet with a # heading. The keyboard will conveniently switch to the ABC keyboard, so you can type heading for your new sheet.New sheet with heading.

Select previous/next sheet (iPhone)

Hold down on the back button to show a popup menu with options to select the previous sheet.

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