Wolfram|Alpha integration

Wolfram|Alpha integration is available in the direct download version of Soulver.

Apple does not allow App Store apps to request API keys from users ("additional functionality must be unlocked via an in-app purchase" to quote App Review).

Wolfram|Alpha is a web service whose goal is to provide access to all objective data. You can try it here.

Setup Wolfram|Alpha integration in Soulver's settings (Settings > Calculator > Wolfram|Alpha).

You must provide Soulver with a valid Wolfram|Alpha "App ID" which you can create for free here.

You can use Wolfram|Alpha from Soulver to look up specific pieces of numeric data. Just type the name of the metric followed by = ?

distance to the moon = ?

After a second, Soulver will insert the metric if it's available via Wolfram|Alpha

distance to the moon = 365,519 kilometers

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