Answer Formatting

Just how you like them.

Soulver includes a number of different formatting options for answers.

Default Formatting

You can set your preferred default by going Edit > Tweak Calculator > Default Formatting or customize an individual line's formatting through its contextual menu (right or control-click), or through the Line > Formatting Options menu.

If you manually set any formatting options on a line, it will no longer "sync" with the default formatting options. You can reset a line's formatting to match & sync with the defaults by going Line > Formatting Options > Use Default Formatting

Decimal Places (dp)

Round your answers to the given decimal places. The default is 10. Change a line's decimal places by either using the Line > Round To menu, or the rounding palette:

Hover over an answer and click the third button to show the rounding palette


Soulver uses SI Notation to save you counting 0s in the answer. For example, 1,700,000 is rendered as 1.7M.

You can disable this feature by going Line > Formatting Options > Notation for Large/Small numbers.