Time Zones

Convert between timezones using the names of cities (with large populations), or using standard timezone abbreviations (GMT offsets are also supported)
6pm Sydney in Chicago | 1:00 am
2am PST to GMT | 10:00 am
3pm GMT+8 to Paris | 8:00 am
Airport codes can also be used instead of city names in time zone conversions
7:30am LAX to Japan | 11:30 pm
You can even use country names in time zone conversions. For countries that span multiple time zones, the time zone of the county's capital city is used.

Current time in a city

Get the current time in a place using time in timezone or timezone time
time in Paris | 6:30 pm
Tokyo time | 2:30 am
time in Thailand | Tomorrow at 12:30 am
If you're interested in just the date in a particular timezone, you can request that too
date in Vancouver | 15 February

Time difference between cities

To find the time difference between places or timezones
time difference between Seattle and Moscow | 10 hours
difference between PDT & AEST | 17 hours
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