Sheetbooks & Syncing

Is your grandmother on Sheetbook?

About Sheetbooks

Soulver saves all your sheets, folders, custom units & variables, currencies and preferred region in a special file called a "sheetbook". Your default sheetbook is stored inside Soulver's application support folder at ~/Library/Application Support/app.soulver.mac/Soulver.sheetbook

You can move the default sheetbook to another location in Soulver's General preferences. Soulver can only open one sheetbook file at a time, so if you open another sheetbook file, your previously open sheetbook will be closed.

Syncing a sheetbook between Macs

On your first Mac, go to Soulver > Preferences > General, and choose "Move…" to move the sheetbook you have been using into a synced folder (like Dropbox or iCloud Drive).

On your second Mac, go to Soulver > Preferences > General, and choose "Use other…" , and select the sheetbook file in the synced folder.