Soulver 3 for Mac

Sheetbooks & Soulver Files

Soulver saves your sheets into a file called a sheetbook.

Sheetbook location

Your default sheetbook is stored inside Soulver's application support folder at ~/Library/Application Support/app.soulver.mac/Default.sheetbook
Or, for the Mac App Store version, here:
~/Library/Containers/app.soulver.appstore.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/app.soulver.appstore.mac
You can move the default sheetbook to another location in Soulver's General preferences.

Opening a different sheetbook

Soulver can only open one sheetbook file at a time, so if you open another sheetbook file, your previously open sheetbook will be closed.
You can open a sheetbook by double-clicking a sheetbook file in Finder, or through the Open dialog.

Syncing a sheetbook between two Macs

On the first Mac, go to Soulver > Preferences > General, and choose "Move…" under Sheetbook Location to move the sheetbook into a synced folder, like Dropbox or iCloud Drive).
On the second Mac, double click the sheetbook file in Dropbox or iCloud Drive, and it will open in Soulver.
Future versions of Soulver 3 will have iCloud syncing built-in for your sheetbook.

Sheetbook Backups

Soulver makes daily backups of your sheetbook, just in case. To restore from a backup, go File > Backups, select a backup and click "Restore from Backup".
You can manually create a backup from the backups window by clicking "Make Backup Now"

Soulver Files (.slvr)

If you prefer working with files saved in Finder, you can create a Soulver File.
File > New > File
Create either a sheet or a file from the File menu
You can customize the behaviour of ⌘N to create a file rather than a sheet
⌘N behaviour in the general preferences