Sheetbooks & Soulver Files

Soulver saves your sheets into a file called a sheetbook.

Syncing a sheetbook between Macs & iPads

In Soulver's settings, choose "iCloud" as the sheetbook location to sync sheets between Soulver for iPad and Soulver for Mac.

Opening a different sheetbook

Soulver can only open one sheetbook file at a time, so if you open another sheetbook file, your previously open sheetbook will be closed.
You can open a sheetbook by double-clicking a sheetbook file in Finder, or through the Open dialog.

Sheetbook Backups

Soulver makes daily backups of your sheetbook, just in case. To restore from a backup, go File > Backups, select a backup and click "Restore from Backup".
You can manually create a backup from the backups window by clicking "Make Backup Now"

Soulver Files (.slvr)

If you prefer working with files saved in Finder, you can create a Soulver File.
File > New > File
Create either a sheet or a file from the File menu
You can customize the behaviour of ⌘N to create a file rather than a sheet
⌘N behaviour in the general preferences
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