Sheets & Folders

Like the Notes app, Soulver organizes all your sheets for your – there's no need to keep track of files yourself in finder. And there's no need to manually save as Soulver automatically saves your changes for you.

By default, new sheets are saved in the General folder, but you can make your own folders too.

Making new sheets

Click "New Sheet" in the sidebar or press ⌘N.

You can have new sheets open in a new window by setting the preference for ⌘N behaviour in the General settings

Making new folders

Hover over the General folder and click the little +. A new folder starts with a blank sheet by default.

Renaming folders

Double click a folder in the sidebar and type your preferred name. Folders are sorted alphabetically.

Moving sheets into folders

Drag and drop sheets from the list into the folder, or use the Sheet menu (Move Sheet To…) or the contextual menu on a sheet in the sidebar.

Deleting sheets & folders

Hover over a sheet or folder in the sidebar and click the little red cross, or click a sheet and press the delete key. To delete the current sheet while editing it, press control-⌘-delete.

Deleted sheets are moved into the Trash.

To empty the trash, hover over it and chooseEmpty Trash

When you delete a sheet from the Trash, or empty the Trash it will be permanently deleted. You may be able to recover it from a backup (File > Backups).

Sheet Tips

Searching Sheets

You can search your sheets by going File > Open Quickly…

Sorting sheets

You can choose to sort sheets by date modified, creation date or title (the first line of the sheet) in Soulver's General settings.

You can also optionally have new sheets start with a # heading, or a // comment

Opening sheets in new windows

Double click a sheet in the sidebar to open it in a new window.

Swipe left/right on your Mac's trackpad or Magic mouse to toggle the sidebar opened and closed.

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