Stock Prices
Soulver 3 ships with 8 popular tech stocks:
Company Name
Stock Ticker
Use stock tickers as part of calculations. Stock rates are updated automatically every hour.
10 AAPL | $1,500.80
NFLX × 30 stocks | $18,196.80
MSFT | $298.66
You can use an alternative name (like 'Apple' instead of AAPL), if you want to.
To do this, customize the stock symbol for use in calculations by double-clicking the stock in the Preferences > Calculator > Stocks.

Historical stock prices

10 AAPL on April 12, 2005 | $13.10
AMZN one year ago | $3,175.11
The adjusted price is used in historical stock price queries as this is typically more useful.
Historical price & trading data is not available on dates where trading was closed, such as on weekends and public holidays.
For example, the query "AAPL on July 4 2021" will not deliver a result, as this was a public holiday in the United States.
You can also perform actual (non-adjusted) price and trading volume historical queries on stocks:
AAPL close on Jan 9 2007 | $92.57
GOOGL volume on March 10 2015 | 2.004M

Soulver Stocks

Soulver Stocks is an additional service that gives access to 150k+ stock tickers and indices, from 70+ exchanges around the world.
Soulver Stocks is only available in the Mac App Store version of Soulver.
We charge a recurring fee for Soulver Stocks ($20/year) to cover the costs associated with providing this feature.
By offering a subscription to just the users who need this feature, we're able to keep Soulver a single purchase app for everyone else.

Adding additional stocks

To add additional stocks, go to Preferences > Stocks, click the + button and type the name of a company, or its stock ticker, then click add.
Adding additional stocks in the App Store version of Soulver 3, with a Soulver Stocks subscription
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Historical stock prices
Soulver Stocks
Adding additional stocks