Stock Prices
Soulver 3 ships with 8 popular tech stocks:
Company Name
Stock Ticker
Use stock tickers as part of calculations. Stock rates are updated automatically every hour.
10 AAPL | $1,500.80
NFLX × 30 stocks | $18,196.80
MSFT | $298.66
You can customize the stock name for use in calculations, by double-clicking the stock in the Preferences > Calculator > Stocks pane, and typing an alternative name (like 'Apple' instead of AAPL).

Historical stock prices

10 AAPL on April 12, 2005 | $13.10
AMZN one year ago | $3,175.11
The adjusted price is used in historical stock price queries as this is typically more useful.
Historical price & trading data is not available on dates where trading was closed, such as on weekends and public holidays.
For example, the query "AAPL on July 4" will not deliver a result, as this is a public holiday in the United States.
You can also perform actual (non-adjusted) price and trading volume historical queries on stocks:
AAPL close on Jan 9 2007 | $92.57
GOOGL volume on March 10 2015 | 2.004M

Soulver Stocks

Soulver Stocks is an additional service that gives access to 150k+ stock tickers and indices from 70+ exchanges around the world.
We charge a recurring fee for Soulver Stocks ($20/year) to pass on the costs associated with providing this feature to just the users who use it.
This way we're able to keep Soulver a single purchase (non subscription) app for everyone else.
Soulver Stocks is only available in the Mac App Store version of Soulver.
We offer additional services in the App Store version so that subscribers will be able to use these services from the upcoming iOS versions of Soulver 3 as well.

Adding additional stocks

To add additional stocks, go to Preferences > Stocks, click the + button and type the name of a company, or its stock ticker, then click add.
Adding additional stocks in the App Store version of Soulver 3