Query Wolfram|Alpha

Setup Wolfram|Alpha integration in Soulver's settings (Settings > Calculator > Wolfram|Alpha).
You must provide Soulver with a valid Wolfram|Alpha "App ID" which you can create for free here.
Wolfram|Alpha integration is only available in the direct download version of Soulver as Apple does not allow App Store apps to request API keys from users.
Wolfram|Alpha is a web service whose goal is to provide access to all objective data. You can try it here.
You can use Wolfram|Alpha from Soulver to look up specific pieces of numeric data. Just type the name of the metric followed by = ?
distance to the moon = ?
After a second, Soulver will insert the metric if it's available via Wolfram|Alpha
distance to the moon = 365,519 kilometers
Last modified 1mo ago