Soulver 3 for Mac
Frequently Asked Questions
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Purchasing Questions

Where can I get Soulver 3 for Mac?

Soulver 3 is available on the Mac App Store or direct from us at
We offer a 30-day trial, after which you can still view your sheets but editing will be disabled.
If you purchased Soulver 3 directly from us in the past, you can always download it from here.

Do you offer upgrade pricing for Soulver 2 users?

Not this time, no. Upgrade pricing is not supported on the Mac App Store.
We think Soulver 3 is still a great deal. It is a single purchase, and this is the first paid update in about 10 years.

Is there a difference between the direct and App Store versions of Soulver?

We try to keep both versions as similar as possible but there are some differences:
  • The direct version has a Share to Mail feature (that isn't possible in the App Store version due to technical limitations)
  • The App Store version lets you subscribe to additional services, like Soulver Stocks. We only offer services in the App Store version so that subscribers will have access to these services in the upcoming iOS versions of Soulver 3.

Can I transfer my direct license into an App Store license?

No, Apple doesn't give developers a way to do this. If you have an App Store license and would like a direct license instead, shoot us an email.

Is Soulver available for iOS?

Soulver is only available on macOS right now. Future platforms are in the works πŸ˜‰. Stay tuned.

I purchased Soulver 2 in the past, can I download it again?

Sure, download your free copy of Soulver 2 from here. This version doesn't require a serial number, and works on macOS 10.10+ and it's native on both Intel and Apple Silicon.

Technical Questions

Can you sync sheets between Macs using Soulver 3?

Yes. Move the sheetbook into a synced folder like Dropbox or iCloud. Detailed instructions on how to set this up are here.
Alternatively, if you just need to sync a single sheet, export it (by dragging it out of the sidebar, or going File > Export > Soulver 3 File), and saving it to a synced location like Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

How do I turn off notation in answers?

By default Soulver formats your answers with SI notation:
M stands for million
To disable notation go to the Format menu and untick Notation for Large & Small Numbers .
The answer with notation disabled.
You can also access line specific formatting settings by clicking the action button on an answer:
Contextual Menu on an Answer
To turn off notation for all lines, go to
Preferences > Calculator > Answer Formatting
and disable Notation for Large and Small Numbers

How do I get Soulver to ignore certain numbers?

Use a comment (// this is a comment), or a label (this is a label: ), or put the number in parenthesis (provided another word is present):
Labels & comments in Soulver


Does Soulver use machine learning/AI?

Soulver is powered by SoulverCore, which scans expressions for pre-defined syntaxes and evaluates any valid mathematical expressions it finds. It does not use machine learning algorithms.
If you're curious about how to build something like SoulverCore, read Crafting Interpreters. You could also watch this great talk by Nick Lockwood, and check out his example of a math parser.

Was Soulver the first notepad calculator?

The first Soulver (released in 2005) was the first notepad calculator to use an answer column on the right side of the text field, and allow words to be used alongside numbers.
The first notepad calculator we're aware of is MathPad by Mark Widholm, which was originally released for Macintosh in 1993.

Is Soulver available for Windows & Android?

Not officially, however there are numerous Soulver clones available on the web and other platforms:
  • ​OpalCalc (for Windows) - Thank you for the acknowledgment πŸ’›
  • ​NoteCalc (for the web) - Thank you for the acknowledgment πŸ’›
  • ​Parsify (for Mac, Windows & Linux - Electron) - Thank you for the acknowledgment πŸ’›
  • ​CalcNote (for Android) - Thank you for the acknowledgment πŸ’›
  • ​Numbr (for the web) - Thank you for the acknowledgment πŸ’›
  • Numi (for Mac) - No acknowledgment πŸ˜”
  • Caligator (for Mac, Windows & Linux - Electron) - No acknowledgment πŸ˜”
If you create your own Soulver clone, we'd really appreciate if you would please acknowledge Soulver as the source of the idea.