Soulver Studio

Share Soulver sheets as stand-alone Mac apps 🤯

What is Soulver Studio?

Soulver Studio is a feature that turns your Soulver sheets into stand-alone Mac apps, capable of being installed on any Mac running macOS 12+.

Why would I want to do that?

  • Use Soulver Studio to share a sheet of calculations (presumably with some variables and line references) with people who don't have Soulver installed.

  • You might use it as an alternative to sending someone an Excel/Numbers spreadsheet, for example.

  • Alternatively, you can share sheets as PDFs, or HTML emails (from iOS/iPadOS).


How do I use it?

  1. Select a sheet and then go to the Sheet menu > Build app from Sheet.

  2. Provide some details about your new app: give it a memorable name, set the version number (1.2.3, etc) and provide a unique identifier that will stay constant across new builds of your app (an identifier is required by macOS for all Mac apps).

  3. Choose your preferred icon from 1 of 7 colorful options available.

  4. Click Upload and Build.

  5. Your new app will be ready for download in (typically) less than 5 minutes. It will be around 7 MB zipped, and 15 MB unzipped.

What happens after my sheet is uploaded?

  • After your sheet is uploaded to our servers, it is turned into a Soulver-like Mac app.

  • The app is then sandboxed. Sandboxing is an optional security measure on macOS to makes apps technically unable to access your files (for extra peace-of-mind).

  • The app is then dispatched to Apple's for a process called notarization. This is a necessary step to make the app installable on other Macs (see Gatekeeper). It typically takes a few minutes, but can take up to an hour if Apple is having a busy day.

  • Your app will be deleted from our servers within 24 hours of completion. If you want to share your app with others, you'll need to host it somewhere yourself.


  • Soulver Studio apps cannot make new lines. We recommend you set up your sheets with variables & line references to make them useful as standalone apps.

  • Soulver Studio apps cannot access stock prices .

  • Soulver Studio apps cannot do weather queries.

  • We are limited by Apple to building 75 apps per day. When this limit is reached, Soulver Studio will be unavailable for some period of time.

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