Command Line & Automation
Wherever you need it, there it will be.
Soulver comes with a number of options for using the Soulver engine outside of Soulver itself.

Command line tool

The Soulver Command Line Interface (or CLI) can be installed by going Soulver > Integrations > Terminal (Command Line Interface)
A 'soulver' alias will be created in /usr/local/bin/ to a command-line tool inside Soulver's bundle. This will allow you to use the soulver command from Terminal. All Soulver's features are present, including variables, currency conversions & date & time calculations:
$ soulver June 20 + 3 weeks
11 July
You can also pipe a list of lines to Soulver and each line will be evaluated. These lines may contain variables.

Alfred Workflow

We offer an Alfred workflow that lets you perform calculations using Soulver.
Download the Alfred workflow from here.
The Alfred workflow uses the Soulver CLI, which is located inside Soulver’s bundle. The workflow expects Soulver to be installed at
If you move Soulver to a different location, or rename it, make sure to modify the ‘installpath’ variable in the workflow’s settings accordingly.

Automator Action

Download Soulver's Automator Action from here.
You can use the Automator action for performing calculations as part of an Automator workflow. Once installed, you can find it inside Automator, under Utilities > Calculate with Soulver. The action takes any text as input, evaluates it, and returns the result as text.
The automator action relies on the Soulver CLI, which is located inside Soulver's bundle. It expects to find it at:
So take care not to rename the Soulver application, or put it in a different location if you need to use the automator action.
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