Line References

When a word processor and a spreadsheet love each other very much...

Soulver lets you reference previous lines' answers in your calculations, kind of like a spreadsheet. You can go back and edit a previous line, and any lines that refer to will be recalculate automatically.

To reference a previous line:

1. Drag in the answer from the line you want to reference:

Dragging in a previous line to make a line reference

You can also just double click the answer

2. Type an operator (like +) immediately after typing return to start a new line:

Typing an operator after return to make a line reference.

You can also insert a reference to the previous line using the keystroke ⌘\.

Note: you can only reference a line above your current line.

If you want to disable a reference, but keep an expression in its current state, you can right-click on a reference and choose 'Unlink'.