Soulver 3 for Mac
Publish to the Web
Share sheets with anyone who has a web browser
You can publish any sheet to the web, and share the link with anyone. As you make edits to the sheet in Soulver, the sheet's website will automatically to reflect the changes you make.
This service is free, however it requires making an account and confirming your email address.
Make an account from the Preferences > Publish to Web pane.
You must confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link in the email we send you after signing up.
Do this from your Mac (on which Soulver is installed), not from a different device.

Publishing a sheet to the web

Control-click on a sheet in the sidebar, and choose "Publish Sheet" or go to the Sheet menu > Publish Sheet
Publishing a sheet for the first time
After publishing, you will be offered the option of visiting the website or copying the public link onto the clipboard.

Removing a sheet from the web

You can remove a published sheet from the web at any time. Go to the Sheet menu or click the cloud on the sheet in the sidebar, and choose Unpublish Sheet.
Use the sheet publishing contextual menu to open the sheet's website, or completely remove it from the web
You can republish a sheet after it has been unpublished, however it will get a new public link.

Styling Published Sheets

The colors you specify in Preferences > Styling are used for published sheets. You can also hide/show line numbers and hide/show the quick total from the View menu.
You can hide comments (//) & heading indicators (#) from published sheets from the File > Export... window

Sheet Publishing & Privacy

  • Only the sheets you explicitly publish to the web are sent to the server. Other sheets remain only your Mac. We never see them.
  • Other than the email address used to make your account, we don't gather any information about you (not even your name).
  • Published sheets are stored on a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster. MongoDB is used by thousands of organizations large and small. This is their privacy policy.